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Shopping Santa Fe Online This Holiday Season

Everything in 2020 needs to be approached differently, and holiday shopping is no exception.

With stay-at-home guidelines in place over much of the US, and the small business sector already having suffered tremendously under restrictions earlier in the year (and now again under a second stay-at-home order), there has never been a more important time to #ShopSmall and prioritize small-scale retailers and services.

Below is a quick list of just a few local Santa Fe businesses that I’ll be browsing this holiday season. Every one of them has either an online shop, ships nationally, or an easy curbside pickup option. The state of New Mexico is also supporting its small businesses by designating Saturday, November 28th as “Small Business Day” and allowing qualifying businesses to not charge retail sales tax on purchases under $500. You can learn more and see a listing of local NM businesses by region here.

So if you’re stuck for that perfect gift, or just looking to source something from a Santa Fe business rather than that online behemoth that sells everything from A—Z, well, follow some links below and see what’s on offer… happy shopping!

Home and Decor

As a home stager and interior designer you know I’m going to start with some home and decor shops!

Ornate home decor showroom in red theme at Reside Home in Santa Fe
A lovely red room in the always inspiring Reside Home of Santa Fe, NM.

I’ve written about them on my blog before because I love their bold use of color throughout the store. Need to find that perfect decor match? Reside Home is a great place to start.

Yeah, I’ll miss visiting their awesome showroom fabricated out of recycled shipping containers, but you can still browse their inventory online…

The 5000 sq. ft. warehouse might be closed through November 30th due to the Governor’s orders, but you can still browse and shop online before going to gather up your new treasures curbside.

Full disclosure: I helped Nambe redesign their corporate reception area a few years back, but that’s not really a conflict-of-interest so much as another reason I love this company and the strikingly beautiful objects they produce.

This will be the first year in a long time when I can’t browse works by local artists at various holiday fairs and pop-up sales events, so I’m profoundly grateful that Cielo Handcrafted is able to offer a strong selection of art objects from a wide variety of New Mexican artists. I have a special place in my heart for ceramics and am hoping the holidays bring me a figurative bell by the amazing Jane Webb, or another beautifully balanced and colorful mug by Rachel Donner.


What to do with all the time I’ll save shopping online? Read, of course!

Book display table against adobe wall in Santa Fe, NM
A truly charming pop-up display outside of Garcia Street Books.

This little Santa Fe gem of a bookstore has put together a variety of ways to ensure you can get the books you need easily this season.

Seeking stunning books from small presses, authors, and artists who aren’t household names (yet)? Look no further than the carefully curated, and always fascinating, selection over at Photo-Eye!


This year has been stressful, right? Here are a few ways to pamper those you love (or pamper yourself, no judgement)...

Display of hand-crafted chocolate truffle varieties
When you ship these Kakawa truffles to other people they will think you are the kindest human being on earth.

I want to start with chocolate because it is always good to start with chocolate. You can have them Priority Mail truffles across the US. I think it safe to say any holiday is enhanced by truffles.

Organic personal beauty products for everyone from this great Santa Fe business (yes, there’s even items for the gents). It’s also a go-to place for relaxing and rejuvenating when we’re all more free to move about again...

Here’s a great shoe store for all those who must contend with the rugged terrain and highly variable temperatures of the high desert (especially if you want to look good while doing it).


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