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Historic adobe home in Santa Fe, NM with wooden vigas, kiva fireplace and arch passage.


East Alameda | 2019


This project spotlights a very unique challenge in Santa Fe properties. An older adobe home, built in 1934, this home was added to over the years, resulting in different materials used for the walls and floors, different elevations to the rooms, and odd room sizes. This home was on the market for many weeks, unstaged. Potential buyers and buyers’ agents were not responding to the home due to its confusing layout. When I was brought in to stage the home, I used furnishings and decor to show the purpose of each room, giving buyers the perspective the vacant home lacked. Using a light contemporary style in the bedroom, the dramatic rock wall was softened giving the room an element of comfort. Smaller-scale furnishings in the combined living and dining space helped open up the room while making it feel inviting.

Listing Agent: Cheryl Davis, Santa Fe Properties
List Price: $675,000
Home staging of traditional adobe home that cleverly incorporates abandoned artwork.
Traditional southwest style bedroom with river rock wall, seating area and wardrobe.
Charming traditional Santa Fe adobe living room with nicho and kiva fireplace.

Before Home Staging. . .


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