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Historic Santa Fe home staged with updated furniture and decor by DeMarais Home Staging and Design.


Webber | 2016


Here’s a home staging project that encompassed a range of services from me and my team. The client was the executor of this home and asked that we clear everything out, repair and update any needed elements, and stage the home for sale. I began with a two-day estate sale, then oversaw a team of professionals as they updated neglected areas on the interior and exterior. The home itself, a Dutch Colonial over a hundred years old, was the residence of New Mexico’s twelfth Governor John Miles while he was in office. To stage this historical gem, I chose a sophisticated and modern style to merge the historic architectural elements with a look that was very contemporary. I paid special attention to the stone fireplace. The stones came from Upper Canyon Road when the home was built and provides a dramatic focal point. I arranged the seating to draw the eye and filled the fireplace with logs, turning the ends out for a bold effect.

Listing Agent: Francie Miles, Barker Realty, LLC
List Price: $615,000
Round glass coffee table in front of stone fireplace with unique firewood stack design.
Metallic accents and contemporary interior styling update historic New Mexico home.
Fresh paint, glass and metal decor, modern blue upholstery, and leather sideboard upgrade historic home.

Mixing Textures and Tones. . .


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