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Occupied staging optimizes a home for real estate photos and open houses using owner furniture and decor.


Paseo Del Sur | 2019

For this occupied staging project, I started with two recommended changes the sellers could make while living in the home. The first was to address a couple of deferred maintenance issues — this makes the home “move-in ready” eliminating hesitation on the buyers’ part. The second was to paint a few rooms, creating a neutral color scheme that not only provided continuity but also appealed to a wider variety of buyers.

When staging began, we removed excess artwork and furniture then arranged the remaining furnishings to give each room a clean, open feeling. After that, each room was cleaned and organized, removing personal items that would distract a buyer. Easy updates like a few new rugs, bedding, and accent pillows along with real flowers gave the home a fresh look and added pops of color. I also made sure all windows were freshly cleaned, allowing natural light to bathe the rooms so they felt warmer and even more spacious.

Listing Agent: Caroline Russell, Sotheby's International Real Estate
List Price: $845,000
Bright red tile floor adds drama to New Mexico living room, complimenting natural light and neutral white walls.
Spacious clean kitchen decluttered and staged for real estate open house.
Tidy home office is critical to positive buyer response in staged homes.

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