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Vigas, a kiva fireplace, soaring ceilings and a lovely hall niche all combine to create an inviting Santa Fe living room.


Calle Beatrice | 2020


Suggesting simple, easy to implement changes is part of the service I offer when staging a home. This two bedroom, two bath home was in need of professional interior painting to repair improperly patched nail holes and give the walls a fresh, cohesive look. Outside, I offered some specific ideas about how the owners could spruce up the landscaping for maximum curb appeal. The homeowner went to work organizing the improvements and when they were complete I returned with my crew to stage everything in time for the real estate photographer. Especially important during the challenging market surrounding Covid-19, the online photos and the home benefited from the warmth and connection provided by thoughtfully implemented staging. To stage the rooms, I went with a color palette that complemented the window treatments, the wood vigas, and the dark tile floor. By going with a transitional style in the furnishings — neither too modern nor too traditional — the home appealed to the widest range of buyers.

Listing Agent: Francie Miles, Barker Realty, LLC
List Price: $430,000
Wood tones throughout vigas and cabinetry are also emphasized by tile floor.
Dining room and kitchen both have wonderful natural light from skylights above.
Clever placement of furniture keeps a living room with many doors from feeling like a hallway.

Before Home Staging. . .


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